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Bars and Measures Coming to Mosaic Theater - Win Free Tickets
Jan 12 – Jan 25, 2023

idris goodwin

Mosaic Theater Company returns with Idris Goodwin’s play Bars and Measures, February 2-26. Goodwin found inspiration for his play in the real life story of incarcerated jazz musician Tarik Shah and his brother Antoine Dowdell.

The play centers on brothers Eric, a classical pianist, and Bilal, a jazz musician, separated by prison bars. Their visitations are full of music-making that bridges the physical and emotional distance between them.

The play marks the directorial debut at Mosaic for Artistic Director Reginald L. Douglas, who joined the organization in 2021. The play with music’s production features an original score by DC-area jazz musician and composer Kris Funn. He has performed internationally at every major jazz festival with some of the genre’s most influential and innovative musicians. Funn will perform and curate other solo musicians for each performance with a pre-show jazz set in collaboration with the DC Jazz Festival.

Underwriters Make a Difference

For theater companies, tickets sales do not fully cover the cost of a production. They often depend upon other income streams including underwriters to keep tickets affordable. Funds provided by Cynthia Wolloch and Joe Reid, with additional support provided by Carl and Rise Cole is helping Mosaic to cover the costs of facility rental and maintenance, utilities, marketing, rights, sets, and costumes.

"We are grateful for the generosity of our Board of Directors, season supporters, and production sponsors," says Douglas. "Their dedication is not only an investment in our plays, but in our mission of using theater as a catalyst for important conversations and community building," he told Port of Harlem.

Port of Harlem contributor Tyrone Colbert, whom Maryland released from prison this year, will review this play for POH. We are thankful to our “underwriters:” Sterling Johnson Jr, Darrin Davis, Brodrick Berry, Melissa Warren, Janis Hagey, Genell Anderson, Philip Pannell, Ivan Brown, Bernadette Champion, and 8 anonymous contributors for donating a total of $535 to allow POH to pay Colbert for his contributions.

During his incarceration, Geraldine Gregg, Wayne Young, Ivy Alston, and Angela Klugh donated a total of $250 to help defray the cost of one of his appeals. “My heart is full of gratitude for every one’s support,” added Colbert. We look forward to his thoughts of Bars and Measures.

Win Tickets

Click Here to Enter Drawing. We will randomly select a winner for two tickets Monday, January 16. We will notify the winner by e-mail. The winner will have until Tuesday, August 17 to accept the ticket with a reply to the e-mail. If we don't receive the acceptance by Tuesday, January, 17 we will randomly select another winner.

Mosaic Theater will contact the winner to set a date they would like to attend Bars and Measures. The winner will be able to pick up the tickets at the door and enjoy the show in the intimate theater.

Winners must be a subscriber. Subscriptions remain free. Invite a friend to subscribe today.

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