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America's Islamic Heritage Museum Sets to Re–Open This Winter
Aug 10 – Aug 23, 2023
wayne and amir

America’s Islamic Heritage Museum is planning to reopen by the end of 2023, says Amir Muhammed,  President of the non-profit Collections & Stories of American Muslims (CSAM), which runs the museum. To date, the Washington, DC center of learning only has $350,000 towards their goal of $6.3 million.

In a fundraising email, Muhammed, added “We are the only museum of its kind in the world.” They hired an exhibit design firm Quatrefoil Associates to plan, design, and the fabricate their new high-tech exhibitions and Urbane Architects for the design and schematics of the new space.

American Muslim history dates back to at least the 1500s, before the country’s founding in 1776, when Estevanico the Moor explored North America. Port of Harlem readers have read many stories emanating from America’s Islamic Heritage Museum including:

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Without a single doubt, Port of Harlem magazine is more inclusive and diverse because of the teachings of Amir Muhammed. And, the knowledge and support he and his staff has given the Port of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership is the basis for our exhibit “West Africans in Early America,” which is online and at the Juffureh Slavery Museum.

“Our project will help us to further build bridges of understanding and counter the negative Islamophobia narrative presented in the Western press and public,” explained Muhammed.  You can donate online. They also accept donation by mail:  

2524 Elvans Rd, SE
Washington, DC 20020-3508.
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