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Shoplifting A Big Problem at Local Market in South Shore, Chicago
Nov 17 – Nov 30, 2022
Money Matters

local market chicago

Nearly three years after it opened in a food desert, Local Market in South Shore - Chicago has implemented a bag check policy as shoplifting runs rampant at the supermarket, located in the Jeffrey Plaza at 71st and Jeffrey Boulevard.

The problem comes as inflation continues to fuel incidents at supermarkets and retail stores across the country. But the brazen thefts are apparently hitting Local Market especially hard.

The store recently implemented a policy where shoppers with bags must leave them with security at the entrance before they enter the facility to shop.

A sign posted at the front entrance explains the policy and tells shoppers, “Due to the high volume in theft, Local Market reserves the right to inspect bags, luggage and any personal belongings. Please check your bags at the entrance of the store.”

Early this month, Crusader journalist observed a woman being arrested after she was detained for trying to steal a bag stuffed with packages of meat. Security detained her at the front of the store in a section near the store’s electronic exit door, which the store shut down since the pandemic began in 2020.

Multiple sources tell the Crusader that the shoplifting problem involved not only customers, but also employees, some of whom have been terminated. Sources also said the rampant thefts were so bad, store owners nearly decided to close Local Market for good.

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