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New African Centered Physics Book
By Ahmad M. Ceesay
Nov 17 – Nov 30, 2022
Muhammed Manneh

Many products and services available to Africans, at home and abroad, are often produced by and for others. Muhammed Manneh is helping to change this equation with a new high school physics book.

Manneh’s new “Guide Yourself In Physics (Mechanics) For Senior Secondary Schools” has been approved by the Gambian Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, which allows teachers to use the book in Gambian schools. The book is believed to be the first physics book for senior secondary schools authored by a Gambian.

“As a Gambian, I feel like reading a book that was written by a fellow Gambian will be more understandable and easier for many students,” he says. The book entails numerous sample questions for each topic and gives the student or the reader additional opportunity to solve multiple problems at the end of each chapter.

Despite growing up as an orphan, Manneh focused chose on his books. His passion for physics grew while in secondary school and he soon found himself assisting schoolmates with physics tutoring sessions. Upon completion of senior school, he started teaching physics at various institutions before embarking on his life long career in medicine at the University of The Gambia.
Muhammed is calling on partners, sponsors, donors and school heads to support and partner with him.
Muhammed Manneh
Guide Yourself In Physics (Mechanics) For Senior Secondary Schools D250 ($5)
Phone: +220-398-6887
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