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Nine Longevity Secrets and Practices From Around the World
Feb 10 – Feb 23, 2022

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For centuries, humans have turned to specific foods, exercises and lifestyles to keep their mind and body in top form — and to extend their lifespans. If you think that’s a pointless pursuit given your genetic makeup, think again. A Danish study concluded that only 20% of our aging process is due to genetics and a whopping 80% depends on our lifestyle. That means you may have the power to largely control your health and your longevity through your diet and mind-body wellness practices. Even better, we can learn from other cultures that have established positive outcomes for generations. Read on to find out the longevity secrets and tips for a healthy life from around the world.

Nine Longevity Secrets From Blue Zone Cultures

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Blue Zones, five very special places around the world with the highest percentage of centenarians. These longevity hotspots are: Okinawa, Japan Sardinia, Italy Nicoya, Costa Rica Ikaria, Greece Loma Linda, California

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