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Dec 01 – Dec 14, 2022

8 Holiday Party Ideas for Hosts on a Budget

Great holiday parties don't require big budgets.
shirley chisholm book

Children Book Reviews with Children

My adult instincts were wrong. I also thought 13–year–old Zaria would bristle at the harsh realities and details presented in the Chisholm book.
methodist hospital - gary

Black Hospitals Die, How Does Gary’s Remain Alive

In 2019, after serving Northeast, D.C. for 158 years, Providence Hospital closed April 30. In Atlanta, Wellstar has run the Atlanta Medical Center since 2016, but a hospital has operated at that location for more than a century before it closed November 1, 2022. So, how is the heart of Methodist Hospital, in 80 percent Black Gary, still beating?
anthony driver designs 202-400-6140
civil war charleston

From Gadsden's Wharf, USA to Valongo Wharf, Brazil – The Fall of Charleston and The Rise of Freedom – Part 2 of 4

Many residents and visitors showed great pride in the 19 wharves that lined the Cooper River. Charleston had become the hub of southern Atlantic commerce. There was little discussion permitted that its opulence was built on and sustained by an army of Black bodies robbed of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.
black sex workers

Sex Workers Face Unique Challenges When Trying to Unionize

In many ways, working in the sex industry is like running a small business. From the hours spent on website maintenance, photography and video editing, ad copywriting, and social media marketing to the emotional labor involved in vetting difficult or demanding clients, many sex workers would agree with the common refrain, “there are no days off!”
joe biden waving

What Is Biden Doing on Climate Change?

As exciting as his progress has been, Biden may have faced the greatest threat yet to climate action with the Supreme Court’s decision in June 2022 to restrict the EPA’s ability to limit CO2 from power plants.
woolly mammoth theatre
rita dove


POH is intrigued with the Kusi Ideas Festival IV in Nairobi, but will attend the 2022 Calumet Heritage Conference online. Also on line are the KWANZAA 101 event and a Muslim Advocates Town Hall, while poet Rita Dove (pictured) will be at the Library of Congress. Find places to shop Black in New York, Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Hear our new podcasts and join POH contributor and health coach Sameer Dossani's "Surviving the Holidays – Health vs. Having Fun" webinar live from Johannesburg.
Hakeem Jeffries

Readers' Trends

Our Instagram followers numbers continue to grow very slowly at about 380. They favored the image of incoming Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jefferies. If the Democrats take control of the House in 2024, as the assumed Speaker of the House, he would be second in line to succeed the President, after the Vice President. Our Facebook numbers continue to rise, now toping 7,000 followers!
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