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Pentagon Asks Public for Suggestions on Renaming Bases That Honor Confederate Soldiers
Sep 09 – Sep 22, 2021
fort bragg

The Pentagon wants your help renaming military bases that commemorate Civil War Confederate soldiers.

The Defense Department’s commission created earlier this year to look into renaming bases launched a new website Monday and is asking "interested citizens" for recommendations and suggestions as it faces an Oct. 1 deadline to brief Congress on its progress.

The suggestions will be weighed by the Naming Commission chaired by retired Adm. Michelle Howard, which is focused on scrapping and replacing names of iconic military bases such as Fort Bragg, Fort Benning, and Fort Hood, as well as ships and other property.

"Our understanding is that the commission is fully funded, staffed and making progress reaching out to stakeholders and the public to help shape its work, which is positive news," Christian Unkenholz, a spokesman for Rep. Anthony Brown, wrote in an email to Military.com.

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