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Marker for Raid that Rescued 2,500 Enslaved People to be Erected in North Carolina
Oct 07 – Oct 20, 2021
Praising the Past

marvin t jones

A long-forgotten but significant event in North Carolina and Virginia’s Civil War history will get a new North Carolina Highway Historical Marker in Elizabeth City.

The marker will commemorate the eye-popping Wild’s Raid. The Raid occurred when 2,000 African American soldiers conducted a raid in northeastern NC, from December 5 to December 24 in 1863.

Most of the soldiers had been enslaved only months before and many were returning to their home communities to rescue family and neighbors. The raid, named after its leader General Edward A. Wild, was the first time United States soldiers of color conducted combat operations in North Carolina.

The raid, originating in Hampton Roads, destroyed rebel camps and supplies, killed guerillas who fought against the United States, and rescued more than 2,500 enslaved women, children and men. The marker is provided by the North Carolina State Office of Archives and History and was nominated by Marvin Tupper Jones of the Chowan Discovery Group. It is Jones’ ninth successful historical marker nomination.

Chowan Discovery researches, documents, preserves and presents the Winton Triangle’s history. We endeavor to work with those in and around the Winton Triangle to build vibrancy. Explore our offerings on this site to learn of Chowan Discovery’s work and the support we provide to the Winton Triangle.

The ceremony, followed by the unveiling, will take place on October 30, Saturday at 2pm, at Elizabeth City’s Mariner’s Wharf Park on Water Street. Elizabeth City Mayor Bettie Parker will welcome the attendees. The City of Elizabeth City and the Elizabeth City State University are providing support for the event.

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