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Eleven Basic Facts to Know About the Haitian Migrant Crisis
Sep 23 – Oct 06, 2021
Lisa Karr

1. The migrants who arrived in Del Rio, Texas are not coming directly from Haiti. Most had been living in Brazil, Chile, and other countries in South and Central America for months or years. 

2. Migrants began leaving Latin America when job opportunities slowed as those countries faced the pandemic. Migrants also heard incorrectly that the U.S. was granting Temporary Protected Status to any Haitian on U.S. soil.

3. The Haitians paid ‘coyotes,’ a wide network of smugglers working across countries who guide migrants of all nationalities to the US-Mexico border. 

4. Many Haitian migrants said they paid at least $8,000 to the coyotes, using money saved up from their limited jobs in Latin America or given to them by relatives abroad.

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