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Mosaic Theater
Nov 04 – Nov 17, 2021
greg wright

On A Bipolar Journey with Mom, Part 1

She is back on meds, but they take time to work because they have to be given to elderly patients very gradually. While I try to work remotely, she talks for hours on end to the white Amazon Echo in the kitchen, believing it is connecting her to a detective who worked on Grandma’s missing person case. She says she is in love with him, and he will be her fourth husband.
cr gibbs

Frederick Douglass in Africa, Part 1

As much as we think we know about the best-known Black man in 19th century America, Frederick Douglass, many will still be quite surprised to learn that he did, indeed, visit the continent of his enslaved ancestors. Photo: CR Gibbs with bust of Frederick Douglass.   
Sameer Dossani

Why Modernity Makes Us Sick and How Ancestral Living Can Heal

The more we understand about human evolution, the more we are forced to conclude that we were never designed to live the modern lifestyle. We evolved in close-knit communities that hunted together, gathered together, played together, prayed together, told stories together, and made music together. Today, most of us see more people every day on a screen of some kind than we meet in real life.
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
gas stove

Should We All Be Ditching Our Gas Stoves in Favor Of Electric Models?

While gas furnaces and water heaters are big polluters no doubt, most of them are vented outdoors and are thus sending their CO and NOx emissions outside. But pollution from stoves and ovens are released indoors.  
melvin foote gets award from Mali

African Activists Melvin Foote, Brenda Randolph, and Baba-C Awarded

Three African activists and keepers of the culture that Port Of Harlem (POH) have featured, Melvin Foote, Brenda Randolph, and Baba-C, were recently named honorees for their African-centered work.
daddy and mom

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

When they're elementary school age, kids should be ready to understand electronic spending. If they receive an allowance, show your kids how you're paying them by putting money into their online account. When they want to spend physical money, a trip to the ATM to get cash will reinforce how real money can become digital money and vice versa.
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Historian CR Gibbs will be in Charles County, MD, The Geriatric Toothfairy Health Fair will be at Unity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, while the Black Harvest Film Festival will provide online and in-person Chicago entertainment. Afro-Vegan and Inclusive Muslims are each holding virtual conferences. “How to Grow a Green Movement . . .,” hopes to draw a diverse audience.
wayne young and gershom wiilliams

Readers' Trends

We have been posting more on Instagram and we are glad to see that we have nearly 325 followers. See what is special about this image of POH publisher Wayne Young and Gershom Williams, Sr. when looking at the Readers’ Trends page. Social media connects people and we hope to connect with you on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

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