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Griot Baba-C Aims to Attend Storytelling Festival in Morocco
Oct 21 – Nov 03, 2021
baba c and perkins

Mark Perkins says Baba-C has been a lifelong mentor of his and he now wants to help him attend the World Storytelling Cafe’s International Storytelling Festival in Marrakech, Morocco, February 12-20, 2022. Perkins has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $3,500 for his lifelong mentor.

“If you are like me, you’ve felt the magic that Baba-C’s stories can bring. Because of his legendary interactive performances, he has been invited to attend the festival,” says Perkins.

For decades Port Of Harlem has observed Baba-C performances from afar, but was up close during the first annual Read Africa at the Francis Gregory Library event co-sponsored by Port Of Harlem magazine in February 2019. “Baba-C was loaded with tidbits of information as the children performed and giggled with him while learning about various things such as about the board game Oware, a strategy game older than chess,” reported in Port Of Harlem magazine.

Baba-C’s performance played a huge part in the success of the first event and set the stage for it to be an annual event,” says Port Of Harlem publisher Wayne Young

“This will be my first international flight and my first trip to Africa,” added Baba-C, whose given name is Lorenzo Augusta Calender II. Your support will help defray airfare, lodging, meals, and other trip-related expenses. During this festival, Baba-C will share his unique interactive talent among other storytellers from around the world.

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