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February 25 – March 10, 2021
CR Gibbs

The Mystery of Abubakari II's Voyage

Before Columbus, Abubakari II departed from the coast of West Africa from a site in what is now modern–day Gambia to the Americas. While we know for certain that Abubakari II never returned to reclaim his empire, a new voice has emerged with a theory about what happened to him. By historian CR Gibbs (pictured).
reparation ray jenkins

House Committee Holds Reparations Hearing and N’COBRA Holds Forum

Following the House hearing, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America and the National Black Cultural Information Trust co-hosted a forum. Congressperson John Conyers credited the late “Reparations” Ray Jenkins (pictured) with inspiring legislation that would create a commission to study the issue.
howard university band

In Photographs: Washington DC: City of Interest, City of Change

The Exposure Group African American Photographers Association and the FotoCraft Camera Club, in collaboration with the DC Public Library, has opened “Washington DC: City of Interest, City of Change,” a virtual exhibition. Hear more about the group, photography, and the exhibit on POH Talk Radio.
Mosaic Theater
women sleepting

How Does Sleep Affect Glaucoma?

Sleep is an essential part of everyday life. Though generally a time for healing, there are changes to the body’s physiology and positioning that can have a negative effect on glaucoma and eye pressure. By age 69, nearly six percent of Black Americans have glaucoma; their risk rises to nearly 12 percent after age 80.
valpo university crusader

Valpo University Drops Religious Symbol of Hate and Intolerance

Like other Medieval soldiers, the Crusaders massacred civilians and enemy combatants and ransacked communities. Like Hitler, Crusaders killed a variety of people including Muslims in the Middle East and in Spain, people in Jewish and Christian-Orthodox communities.
eddie brown

The AFRO Newspaper Awards Eddie C. Brown for Business Excellence

The Afro honors Eddie C. Brown's entrepreneurship and philanthropy. The Brown Capital Management Africa Forum provides a premier platform for substantive and solution–oriented dialogue on key trade, investment, and development issues in Africa, and in U.S.–Africa relations. Port Of Harlem has covered many of their events
amar group


Historian CR Gibbs talks about Abubakari II and Mansa Musa plus share how he conducted his research. Egyptian researcher Anthony Browder, World Trade Organization Director–General Ngozi Okonjo–Iweala (pictured), political leader Stacey Abrams, and the Schomburg Center have ZOOM programs. Baltimore Center Stage has a new on–line production.
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Alla Yidaa Ko Boni Nari. In any language, God Don't Like Ugly.  And, it seems like our Facebook readers agreed. Take a look and see what is hot on the other platforms we use to connect with you and other readers.
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