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Dec 2-Dec 15, 2021
sulaymani kante

Sulaymani Kante: Inventor of N’ko/Mandinka Alphabet

“Learning the N’ko script enables me to read and write in my mother tongue,” exclaimed Ahmad Cęęsay (ߊߤߵߡߊߘ ߛߌߛߋ߫), a Mandinka speaker in The Gambia. The N’ko advocate encourages all, particularly African Americans and others in the diaspora, to learn the script. He adds, “It will empower them, by giving them a script that represents who they are.”
Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez

The Incarcerated Discovers Freedom Via Art

All artists, in and out of prison, and whether they write, sing, or paint, possess and influence stimulating creativity. “I just love to paint,” Chris explained his inspiration while revealing a reflective gaze. Then he quickly elucidates, “I’m able to leave all my worries and pain away while I paint.” Image: Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez by Chris Meiselman.
reginald dougllas

Mosaic Theater Names New Artistic Director: Reginald L. Douglas

As one of the few Blacks at the helm of a theater company, Douglas will be responsible for what happens with the ship from raising money to hiring actors. Not only is his recent self-proclaimed “title bump” an anomaly, so is having Blacks in the dramaturg and many other off-stage positions - - even in shows with an all-Black cast.  
woolly mammoth theatre
shawn frederick

Partner of Deceased Transgender Muslim Sues NYC After Having Miscarriage

Shawn Frederick was born female and Christian. He died male and Muslim. His partner is now suing New York City over the Muslim man’s advance directive about how to dispose of his remains. The suit alleges that the state’s failure to follow his directive caused her so much distress that she miscarried twins.
anthony driver designs

Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here and there are products we featured during the year that we found worth repeating, plus some others, as possible Christmas and other holiday gifts. Image: North African amber set in bronze, design by Anthony Driver - Eastern Market, Washington, DC.
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nubia k essentials
watkins park


CR Gibbs shares the history of racial dog whistles in America on POH Talk Radio. Also on line, “Straight Outta Africa” features South Africa's finest artist and Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General of the African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat, talks about transforming Africa into the largest free trade zone. Test Your Knowledge: U.S. State Shapes and in Upper Marlboro, MD, the 35th Annual Winter Festival of Lights runs through January 2.
protect black boys

Readers' Trends

For the second issue in a row, history related stories did not dominate our readers’ interest. As we tried to analyze the results and see what they have in common, we came up with zero. Read and see what readers liked and let us know if you come up with a commonality and where our readers’ interest may be heading.
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