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A Talk with Bob Johnson and Byron Allen
October 22 – November 04, 2020

byron allen

That Big TV Virtual Experience conference, featured a candid interview with media moguls Bob Johnson and Byron Allen. The interview was well worth the 30 minutes. The conference was September 21-22, 2020.

The media magnets addressed the massive wealth transfer that took place as people of African descent built the Americas, and they laid the grounds and rationale for reparations. The pair also discussed the affirmative action for White males that has been taking place in the United States, the active redlining, and refusal of banks to lend to Black businesses, investors, and consumers for homes, cars, and other goods. 

The short conversation also covered how the nation’s financial institutions use the term “minority” to cover up lending money to White women instead of Blacks. Also, on the topic table was a discussion how the advertising industry attempts to avoid spending with Black media and other compelling topics.

Allen shared how his $20 billion lawsuit against cable giant Comcast for racial discrimination went to the Supreme Court, eventually settled in a 9-0 decision, and his $10 billion lawsuit against Charter Communications, another cable giant.

The Interview (it may open in Drive)

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