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We Remember, Barry Murray
September 5, 1951 – May 9, 2002
May 07 – May 20, 2020
barry murray, news dimensions newspaper

In November 2020, Port Of Harlem will celebrate 25 years of publication. As we count down to our birthday, we will republish some of our most popular articles from our print issues. Thanks for subscribing and inviting others to join you in supporting our inclusive, diverse, pan-African publication - - now completely online. We originally published this article in the the Nov 2002-Apr 2003 print issue.
Barry Murray, founder and publisher of “News Dimensions,” was pro-Black and uncompromising. I wrote for Murray for many years.

Our best series centered on CVS Pharmacy’s relationship with the Black community. The investigations begin when the paper’s advertisement salesperson felt that CVS’s ad department was not supporting our voices through the Black press.

We easily found and printed many stories that CVS did not find flattering. We knew that readers loved the stories. Many gave us a silent pat on the back.

However, we knew that many consumers continued to march by the dwindling number of Black-owned and non-Black owned independent pharmacies that we thought maintained a much more respectable relationship with our community. We also knew the CVS would not advertise in “News Dimensions,” but more often in competing Black papers that stayed out of the fray.

Nevertheless, Barry continued to print the stories. That was Barry, pro-Black and uncompromising.

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