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As the Weather Gets Warmer...
May 07 – May 20, 2020

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During this global crisis, we are grateful for the support we get from you (our reader), and our advertisers, news sources, and writers. Like you, many individuals and companies are finding the need to adjust to our new realities and we are all finding ways to support each other such as ordering take-out food from our favorite restaurant.

During the Great Recession, Port Of Harlem went completely online and remained completely free to you and all of our readers. Our advertisers provide us the funds to keep us in business and Port Of Harlem free. This is why we ask you to consider our advertisers the next time you make a purchase.

Most of our advertisers are small businesses and will struggle to survive without your support. Some of them continue to do business now, some are planning for tomorrow. All of them will welcome a call from you now to talk about how they can serve you.

Not only do you see their banner ads in the magazine, you will also see a link marked “Advertisers” at the bottom of each Port Of Harlem magazine page that links you to a page with all the banners and contact information for each of our advertisers.

We plan to get through this together. And when things become closer to normal, there will be new ways of doing things. You will be in our plans. We hope Port Of Harlem and our advertisers will be in yours.


Wayne Young
Publisher, Port Of Harlem
Inclusive | Diverse | PanAfrican
Since November 1995
P.S. If you use Amazon, use its companion smile.amazon.com and a portion of each Amazon purchase you make will go to our charity, The Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership -- when you designate us as your charity of choice.

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