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February 27 – March 11, 2020


The Story of Sexually Exploited Enslaved Black Men

The stories of White men exploiting enslaved Black women are often included in historical accounts on film and in books. In "Rethinking Rufus," Howard University professor Thomas A. Foster explores sexual violence against enslaved men. Hear him Saturday in Alexandria, VA.
sam ford

Welcome to Nigeria- Part I of II

Pege, my camerawoman, and I were extremely nervous as we approached customs at Lagos' Mutala Muhammed Airport. However, to our pleasant surprise, all the customs people said to us, was, "Welcome to Nigeria."
bloomberg vs trump

Bloomberg versus Trump

One way to critique Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump is to look at their investments in majority Black and economically challenged city.
black memorabilia show

Testing Investment Strategies in a Downturn

Market volatility may make you question investment strategy, but it's important to consider the long-term implications of your strategy.
jon odum

Shipwreck – A Period Piece Classic

I predict that this play will have a long stage life and only after digesting it will some realize they had witnessed the birth of a period piece classic.
the amen corner

Ain't Nobody Infallible – Baldwin's The Amen Corner

With such a magnificent stage visual, by scenic designer Daniel Soule, the performance of James Baldwin's The Amen Corner at The Shakespeare Theater in Washington opened with a very high hurdle to jump, and it did.
amar group
African Legacy Francophone Films


We are having a drawing for two sets of tickets to see and hear "Rethinking Rufus: Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men." It's Sat, Feb 29, at 11a in Alexandria, VA. The National Black Theater opens Bayano, Wed, Mar 11 and Cape Town is holding a Sustainable Biotech Innovation Symposium starting Mon, Mar 2.
Thomas Blanton

Readers' Trends

The posting about Thomas Edwin Blanton, Jr., Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church bomber, being up for parole next year continues to be hot on our Facebook page. Two stories from our last issue top the list for those getting the magazine via E–mail and those who visited our website. We will soon report on our top Instagram postings.
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