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Virtual National Iftar Was Entertaining, Educational, and Pan-Spiritual
May 21 – Jun 03, 2020
andre carson

“Right before Ramadan started, my mother passed away. And as you know, our faith tells us that our mother is the most dear to us. And my mother’s death was related to COVID,” shared trailblazing Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison during a virtual National Iftar.

The first Muslim ever elected to serve as his state’s top attorney continued, “So this Ramadan has helped me manage the loss of one of the most important people in my life and my prayers are more earnest, my connection with family has been more dear. ” Joining the Detroit native in the fast-paced celebration were Congresspersons André Carson (D-IN), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), heroes working on the front lines of the pandemic, spiritual leaders, artists, business leaders, and entertainers.

Muslims like Carson, Omar, and Tlaib, who have been fasting all day during the month of Ramadan, break their fast at sundown with a meal known as the Iftar. It’s typically a time shared with family and friends, either at home or at the mosque.  However, this year is different.

“No one should be fearing for their life going to work, especially so many of my neighbors who, just a few months ago, were considered unskilled workers and are now considered essential workers,” commented Tlaib. Connecting her work in Congress with that with Ellison, who was also the first Muslim elected to Congress, and his current job as attorney general, she added, “It’s also really critically important that we set up some guidelines through OSHA. Very set, very clear guidelines than an attorney general like Keith Ellison can enforce.”

The hour long program organized by Muslim Advocates also included remarks by Virginia State Delegate Sam Rasoul and Cleveland, Ohio City Councilman Basheer Jones, whom we interviewed in the August 2019 article Historic Muslim Conference Focused on Building a Multi-Racial Democracy. In the coming weeks, Muslim Advocates will be working with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to host a virtual showcase on Facebook and YouTube featuring American Muslim and allied performing artists.

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