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Reverend Barber Thumps Tennessee Governor in His Presence
January 30 – February 12, 2020
Rev Barber

During a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life in Nashville, Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said he wanted to bring Tennesseans together and that King would have said there is more work to do.

When Revered Barber rose to speak, with Lee less than 50 feet away, Barber rolled out thunder. “Politicians can’t say they love Dr. King and how he stood for love and unity, but then you deny and refuse to support his agenda.”

Rev. Barber stated before turning to add “Right Governor?” to Gov. Lee sitting behind him.

According to the Black Westchester, a Lee spokesman said, “Freedom allows for different opinions, and that is what makes this country the special place it is.” 

Rev. Barber also openly mocked Vice President Pence’s referencing of King’s past comments as a defense of President Trump’s plan to build a border wall. “That’s just foolish!”

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