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mike jones state farm
Jul 30 – Aug 12, 2020

eddie moore

Looking at Power: Male Privilege/Heterosexual Privilege

Eddie Moore added, we sometimes are even aware of our privileges and use them to our advantage. "I sometimes use my maleness, and become very domineering and intimidating to female service workers when I am complaining or seeking more from the service industry," he sadly admits.
ron simmons

Believing in Male Supremacy Will Not Save Us

But why, I would ask myself, did not the men think strategically and stay at home to raise the children, clean the house, and help their women who were employed? The answer is that the men believed in male supremacy and "real" men could not do that.
bayard rustin

Bayard Rustin: Defying the Odds

When Bayard Rustin began to organize the March on Washington, Strom Thurmond rose on the floor of the U.S. Senate and attacked Rustin as a draft dodger, homosexual, and communist. Despite his "baggage," the march leaders did not relent and chose Rustin to organize the march where the late John Lewis was the youngest speaker and Dr. King delivered his now famous, "I Have a Dream" speech.
black stress

How To Cope With Anxiety During The Coronavirus

Franciscan Health psychologist Dr. Deann Harvey answers questions about anxiety during this time of shut downs and fears of coronavirus transmission concerns and offers tips on how people can cope and adapt.
samba baldeh

Samba Baldeh Seeks to Become Wisconsin's First Gambian–American State Legislature

When Baldeh entered and won his first election, he defeated a four–time incumbent. When he decided to run for the council seat, he told Port Of Harlem. "I was not sure if was going to win, but I was sure I needed to run."
black national convention

2020 Black National Convention

This year's Black National Convention (2020 BNC) is inspired and guided by the historic 1972 National Black Political Convention in Gary, Indiana says its organizers. The 2020 BNC will be Friday, August 28 and virtual.
port  of harlem talk radio
pedro noguera


The virtual world continues to take on new meanings in our lives including an online urban photography exhibit from Gary, and a virtual and historic March on Washington and Black National Convention that will not be geographically anchored. PBS features African–French film, Chez Jolie Coiffure, and we are looking forward to Race, Equity, and the State of Education: A Conversation with Dr. Pedro Noguera (pictured). Spoken word fans will love Woolly Mammoth Theater's Spit Dat: Swoon Festival.
wayne young - railcats

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