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October 10 – October 23, 2019
nemata blyden

Book Review: What is Africa to You?

Even avowed Pan–Africanists, such as the famed W.E.B. DuBois, felt that Africans in the colonies that the Germans were forced to give up after WWI were not able to govern themselves.
the hug

Some See Christian Compassion in 'The Hug'; Others Not So Much

Counselor Stephen Milburn said he believes the Christian forgiveness displayed by African Americans in Dallas this week and in South Carolina in 2015 is "very much... tied to faith." But, he pointed out, it is not specific to African Americans.
ida jones

Preserving Your History

Even obtaining the oral histories of the living can be tough admits Morgan State University Archivist Dr. Ida Jones including people not wanting to share what they feel were indiscretions.
Theo Hodge, Jr. M.D.
peanut butter chu at Mansa Kunda

Mansa Kunda – Authentic Gambian Food in Takoma Park, MD USA

The chicken was grilled to Gambian perfection, meaning well-done. The vegetables in the sauce were my greatest delight. Did I like Mansa Kunda restaurant? I did.
estate planning for the single, single lady

Why Do Single People Need an Estate Plan?

Single people who have adult children and intact relationships with their siblings can easily turn to them to be the point person for medical decision making. Those weren't options for singles without siblings or children.
harold morales

Being LatinX, Muslim, and with Multiple Identities

The explanation of Latinx and Islam led to another investigation into identity: Are many of the current converts really "reverts," since many Spaniards were Muslims when the Moors ran Spain (circa 711 AD–1492) before the Spanish Inquisition?
ivan brown realty
sharon farmer and george tolbert


Create your non–profit's mission statement in Baltimore. Learn Digital Marketing in Lagos. Africa and China Relations discussed in DC. Port Of Harlem and the Alexandria Black History Museum presents two programs:  African Americans and Africa: A New History with Dr. Nemata Blyden and Better Photography for Picture Takers with Sharon Farmer and George Tolbert.
diahann carroll and tyler perry

Readers' Trends

"Why Africans Became Coloreds, Anglo–Africans, Afro–Americans, Then Negroes" was the top article in the last issue. The author, Dr. Nemata Blyden, speaks Saturday, October 12 at the Alexandria Black History Museum in Alexandria, Virginia. Number 1 on our Facebook page was the picture of Tyler Perry with Diahann Carroll. Carroll died of breast cancer. The New York native was first diagnosed in 1997, 22 years ago.
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