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Mosaic Theater
“Soon or Later”
May 23 – June 5, 2019
soon or later

Mosaic Theatre always earns kudos from Port Of Harlem for its diverse casting and “Soon or Later” is no exception. Such casting has its advantages including allowing the viewer to focus more on the acting, non-racial nuances, and the dialogue.

While the acting was superior, the dialogue was insightful and a challenge. Without giving away the story, it would have been helpful to know that the tale makes a transition from before the main characters met, takes a look back at their relationship, and then moves into real time.

The 85-minute performance made its debut in Cincinnati and is now the DC theater’s first “completion commission” play with funding from Trish Vanderburg Play Commission, whose aim is to ensure that women’s voices are included in Mosaic’s offering.

Playwright Allyson Currin refitted the performance for a DC audience. Though the casting reflects multicultural DC, race is never discussed. And though one of the characters say the word “Potomac,” other than that I was a challenge to ponder if it really mattered.
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