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January 17 – January 30, 2019
read africa week

Read Africa Week Festival @ Francis Gregory Library

Francis Gregory Library in Washington, DC will celebrate Read Africa Week with a festival featuring a recyclable art workshop, Andrika symbol learning and coloring session, animated storytelling, and a free taste of authentic African food for children and young adults.
aviva travel

Women Only Travel Adventures

Just as men plan time to be with the "boys" on game and fishing trips, more women are planning to spend time with the "girls," on adventure trips.
cyntoia brown

Me Facing Life 2: Cyntoia's Fight For Freedom Documentary

Daniel H. Birman Productions, producers of the "Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Fight For Freedom," expects to release the updated "Me Facing Life 2: Cyntoia's Fight For Freedom" later this year.
black memorabilia show
abbe jacques seck

A Man We Hope to Meet: Abbé Jacques Seck

One of our readers sent us a link about Senegalese Abbé Jacques Seck. He is an iconic figure in Senegal, a leader within the Catholic Church, and a strong proponent of the interreligious dialogue and harmony for which Senegambia is famous. As an inclusive, diverse, Pan-African magazine, we share his story.
rep karan bass

CBC Requests and Republicans Punish Racist

Karen Bass, the new chair of the 55 member strong Congressional Black Caucus, had asked House Republicans to effectively defang Republican Congressperson Steve King. And, they did.
dr okeke

Keep Your Eyes Open for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. Moreover, among African American and Latino populations, glaucoma is more prevalent. Glaucoma is 6 to 8 times more common in African Americans than Caucasians.
port of harlem events
Habso Mohamud


Celebration for freedom fighter James Forman, racial equity symposium, Indigenous Peoples March, Women's March, All Black Everything, to author Habso Mohamud's booksigning (pictured), and Black History Month has not started.
judge johnson

Readers' Trends

It's good to see that Pinterest users are still finding one of our back issues so interesting, but did you miss the story on Facebook about this groundbreaking guy? Wow, click and find out what you missed.
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