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Belgium to Apologize for Kidnapping of Children from Congo
April 11 – April 24, 2019
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Belgium’s prime minister, Charles Michel, is to apologise on behalf of the state for the kidnapping of mixed-race children, who were torn from their Congolese mothers at the end of the colonial period.

The “métis” children, the product of relationships between settlers and local women, were forcibly taken to Belgium and fostered by Catholic orders, among other institutions, between 1959 and 1962.

The children, born in the 1940s and 50s, did not automatically receive Belgian nationality and often remained stateless. A majority of the fathers refused to acknowledge paternity of their children.

Two years ago, the Catholic church apologised for its role in the scandal, which affected about 20,000 children in the Belgian Congo, along with Burundi and Rwanda, which were governed by Belgium under a mandate from the League of Nations and the UN.

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Georges Kamanayo was born in Rwanda in 1947, the ‘forbidden fruit’ of a relationship between a Rwandan woman and a White Belgian colonist. See
Kazungu le métis Full video by Georges Kamanayo Gengoux.
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