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Theo Hodge Jr., MD

Theo Hodge, Jr., M.D. contributes to

Port Of Harlem's"Health" department.

Born in Washington, D.C., Dr. Theo Hodge, Jr.'s parents raised him in nearby Prince Georges County, Maryland. He attended college and medical school at the University of Virginia. Following a residency in Internal medicine at Georgetown University / Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Dr. Hodge completed an infectious diseases fellowship at the Washington Hospital Center / Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

On completing the fellowship, Dr. Hodge entered private practice where he focuses on the care of the HIV infected. He holds an academic appointment at the George Washington University Hospital as assistant clinical professor.

Dr. Hodge is actively involved in a variety of community endeavors to increase HIV awareness and has offered his services in public clinic settings to care for underinsured / uninsured HIV infected patients. He is actively involved in multiple speaker bureaus dedicated to educating healthcare providers in the management of the HIV infected.


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Upcoming Appearances

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Jacques Initiative
725 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD
Wed, Aug 13, 11a

African Americans & HIV
Georgian Terrace Hotel
659 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta GA
Sat, Aug 30, 12p

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of HIV/AIDS in Persons of Advanced Age
Moss Memorial Hospital -
Comprehensive Care Clinic
Lake Charles, LA
Tue, Nov 4, noon


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Approaches for HIV/Hepatitis
New Orleans LA
Tue, Sep 9, 6:30p

HIV and Viral Hepatitis:
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Approaches for HIV/Hepatitis
Ralph’s On the Park
New Orleans LA
Wed, Sep 10, 6:30p