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Time Is Nearing: 400-Year Anniversary of the Arrival of Captive Africans
October 25 – November 7, 2018

The Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project (MPCPMP) has identified 52 documented Middle Passage arrival sites in the U.S. These are the places where enslaved children, women, and men first placed their feet after the transatlantic voyage from Africa.  

Since 2012, twenty of these locations have held ancestral remembrance ceremonies and installed historic markers honoring captive Africans and their descendants  - acknowledging their sacrifices and contributions and using them as inspiration to continue to confront and challenge long-standing injustices and inequalities, the legacies of enslavement and racism.  

There are 14 sites that have initiated the process to install markers, and 18 sites in which there has been no activity. MPCPMP‘s designated completion date for the Project is 2020, and the group is at a critical juncture in achieving its goal.

To fulfill their mission, MPCPMP needs your financial support. In three months, the nation will begin to observe the 400-year anniversary of the documented arrival of captive Africans to the Virginia English colony (1619).
“It would be so significant if, during the year, we could hold ceremonies and install markers at the remaining arrival sites, acknowledging this frequently ignored portion of our history, for these places of remembrance are vital springboards for action, reparation, reconciliation, and healing,” says Ann Chinn, former Port Of Harlem editor and MPCPMP Executive Director.

You can help MPCPMP by making a contribution through PayPal, or mail your check to:

Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project
P.O. Box 3071
Jacksonville, FL 32206 

Also, when you shop through smile.amazon.com and identify Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project as your charity, 5% of your eligible purchases are donated to MPCPMP.

From Our Archives:  Video: Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project Baltimore Ceremony

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