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Starting Over: How To Rebuild Your Finances After Escaping A Financially Abusive Relationship
December 6 – December 18, 2018
abusive relationship

When you think of domestic abuse, physical or verbal assault are probably the first things that come to mind. Unfortunately, financial abuse is often overlooked, even though it occurs in 99% of all domestic violence cases. The effects of financial abuse can last for years or even decades after victims escape abusive relationships.

“The devastating impact of financial abuse lasts longer than other areas of harm from an abusive relationship,” explains Shannon Thomas, Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has conducted extensive research on financial abuse. “It undermines the survivor’s ability to navigate through life in every way.”

Financial abuse can take on many forms. Some abusers use manipulation to covertly remain in control of a victim’s finances while others resort to outright intimidation or threatening behavior. No matter how financial abuse presents itself in a relationship, it can make it extremely difficult for victims to escape, and once they do escape, they are often forced to start rebuilding their financial independence from scratch.

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