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interest rates March 16 March 29, 2017

Rising Rates: The Fed Takes Next Step Towards Norma

By Nick Abrams

Although rising interest rates make it more expensive for consumers and businesses to borrow, retirees and others who seek income could eventually benefit from higher yields on the CD and savings accounts they own.

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maya rockeymore expanded social security July 21 August 3, 2016

Social Security Expansion on
the Table

By Wayne A. Young

Defenders of Social Security are shifting the conversation from Social Security cuts to Social Security expansion. “It would be ironic as the country becomes majority minority that “we turn around and cut them ,” said Nancy Altman (not pictured.)

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ethiopian-american wedding June 23 – July 6, 2016

Money and Marriage

By Nicolas Abrams

Remember when you marry someone, you enter into a legal partnership with them. Their credit history and their debt will affect your ability to buy a house and make other large purchases together.

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nick abrams financial planning August 20 September 2, 2016

Life Insurance for Funding College

By Nicolas Abrams

When you use life insurance as part of your college-funding plan, you can provide funding for your child's college education in two ways. The first and perhaps obvious use is the death benefit, which can be used to pay for your child's college education should you die prematurely.

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anne price May 13 – May 27, 2015

Making Your Family Wealthier

By Wayne A. Young

Racial wealth differences cannot be explained by education, family income, or employment says Price. Economists estimate that, by far, the largest factors explaining these differences are gifts and inheritances from older generations including:

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ivan brown realty
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